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When creating a Facebook page for a business, it’s best to understand that neither a website or a Facebook page is going to tell the whole story about a business. A Facebook page can offer information that customers might not get from the website and vice versa. Consider the proper construction for a business’ Facebook page.

There Should Be An Overview

A Facebook page for a business should offer an overview of the business. Customers who find the business on Facebook will probably want to be forwarded to the website through the Facebook page, but they can get the basics and then take a link from Facebook to the home page for the business.

Include The Location Setting

Using the location service on Facebook will put a small map on the timeline so that the customers can see where the business is without a great deal of investigation. Customers, for the most part, want to know where a business is when they’re new to it. If the customer cannot find where the business is, they absolutely cannot patronize it in the future.

Start Some Promos

Facebook pages are the best way to get customers purchasing online. The merchant account credit card processing system that is in use can be set up to take customers from a link for a promo to the checkout page so that the customer gets the discount that is offered.

It’s also a good place to start contests based on how many people like the page or how many people are commenting on particular posts on the page.

Using a Facebook page to advance a business makes it much easier for customers to find the business, frequent their website, and get involved in the operations of the business. Customers who win promos, feel the need to check the Facebook page, and then enjoy the interaction are more likely to refer their friends and keep coming back. A Facebook page is the best way to get someone started with the business.