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In order to build a successful sales force, a company must define the characteristics of its ideal team members. Then it must recruit, hire and train them in ways that align with each firm’s requirements. Below are some tips on how to develop a strong sales team.

1. Define the brand. Develop the company mission, purpose and branding message. Outline what the company’s priorities are according to what the target market requires. For instance, define characteristics that relate to business offerings, such as for payment processing and merchant accounts.2. Develop the sales strategy. Using the mission statement and branding message, create a documented plan that describes what the company wishes to achieve. This includes target market details, sales opportunities and success measurements. Sales employees hired should align with and support these sales strategies and objectives.

3. Identify what type of prior experience and training is required and what their major responsibilities will be. Outline characteristics for ideal salespersons for products and services. For instance, confidant and experienced employees will be more apt to be motivated and competitive. However, it is also important that they have great listening and communication skills.

4. Document all information in distinct job descriptions. Create interview questions designed to expose which candidates possesses the skills required. For instance, it would be key to ensure that all employees understand how their roles relate to the payment processing and merchant accounts system.

5. Utilize research to ensure the company is offering compensation packages that exceed what the market offers. Construct sales compensation plans to attract the best sales force possible.

6. Determine the means of measurement for sales force success. This will include activities as well as outcomes. Activities include sets of tasks that sales people use. For instance, the number of calls, visits and customer contacts. Outcomes consist of measurable end results like sales revenue related to quota and profitability. To help with this aspect, it may be prudent to incorporate information from payment processing and merchant accounts.

7. Prepare effective sales training programs. Create study materials that ensure team members understand who the target customers are so that they may successfully sell products or services. This includes time management, strategic prospecting and presentation as well as consultative selling skills.

8. Monitor sales force performance while providing ongoing coaching and positive reinforcement in order to continually develop sales skills and motivation. A successful sales force will consistently achieve peak performance to meet or exceed sales expectations.

It goes without saying that any company is only as good as the people who operate and work within it. Therefore, any business that takes the time to invest properly in building the best sales force team possible will have a much greater success rate than those who do not.