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Simpler Smarter Savings

Among other benefits, a new point of sale (POS) system can make it easier to keep track of transactions and improve credit card processing speed. It can also help your company better serve its customers by analyzing past results to identify potential future sales trends. What else can upgrading your system do for you?

Accept Credit Cards for the First Time

A POS system that allows for credit card processing can increase a company’s revenue because it doesn’t have to turn away those who don’t have cash. It may also allow a company to start selling goods online where credit cards are the preferred method. Customers who pay by credit card may also be willing to buy more per purchase because they can pay over time when using their card to make a purchase.

Engage in More Meaningful Relationships With Customers

Updating your POS system may make it easier to manage relationships with your customers. Companies can send personalized emails to frequent shoppers that contain coupons or other perks or simply remind past customers about an upcoming sale. If a company makes money via a subscription model, it may be possible to keep track of when a given subscription is about to expire and contact a customer ahead of time to renew.

Keep Track of Business Data

If your company has multiple merchant accounts, it may be tough to go through them all individually. However, a new POS system could allow you to go through all of your account information at once. This may make it easier to determine which locations are making the most money, which ones are struggling and try to figure out why. Other data such as overall sales number, units sold and payroll costs may also be available. This can help you determine how many people you need and when you need them on the sales floor to make the shopping experience a positive one for customers.

Your point of sale system should help your business do more than just collect money from customers. It should provide insights that can help your company grow and develop relationships with customers and others. These insights could be the difference between becoming a force in its industry or shutting down for good.