Simpler Smarter Savings

In the business world, the key to success and profit is completing sales transactions. Banks seek to provide peace of mind to their customers by offering protection from unauthorized charges to their accounts by letting them dispute purchases. This puts business owners at risk of falling victim to the “Card Not Present” fraud tactics. Exposing criminal schemes commonly used against merchants will ensure better processes to protect the profit side of fraudulent charge claims.

Never Manually Enter Card Information

Old credit cards may not swipe properly, which may seem like the perfect time to take advantage of the key pad for credit card processing. Avoid doing this, even with regular customers that have built up trust with the establishment. Taking a risk with money will inevitably hurt profit if a customer identifies how easy it is to call their financial establishment to claim that the purchase was fraudulent. They do not investigate much further than looking for tell-tale evidence that the customer was indeed present with the card in question. In order to not let sales walk out the door due to a card not swiping, keep a manual imprinter on-hand to have evidence in the event of a dispute. Proof that the card was present will keep money from being removed from merchant accounts.

Always Get A Signature

Every card transaction will provide a customer receipt, as well as a business copy that requires a signature. Never skip this step or forge a name for any reason. In the event that the card was stolen, that signature can pinpoint the culprit. With proof of a card present and a recorded signature, the financial institution is responsible for the loss rather than the merchant. Treat every customer the same, and always follow every step in credit card processing.

Process Payments In Person

In today’s business world, a lot of businesses rely on Internet sales as a big part of their profits. Unfortunately, there is not a lot of verification in the process of transactions made through this medium. Elaborate security measures have not been put in place for reasons of inconvenience pushing customers away. Merchant accounts are best protected by screening customers for warning signs while orders are processing. Billing and shipping addresses unusually far apart, ordering large quantities, and choosing expensive quick shipment options are all worth a little investigating for authenticity.