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Since the introduction of merchant payment gateways, point-of-sale (POS) operations have been advanced far beyond simple transaction. Merchant account services through offer retailers and other business owners a critical component to financial transaction operations. is an established electronic payment gateway designed to serve a global market of B2C merchant customers. Now more than ever, merchants are seeking cloud-based merchant services. is a virtual payment gateway offering secured cloud-based storage of transaction record data.

The electronic gateway is a turn-key, electronic transaction authorization solution. Payment gateways authorize major credit cards, electronic checks, and other payment forms. payment gateway provides authorization services on American Express, Diner’s Club, Discovery, Master Card, Visa and TeleCheck transactions.

With, transaction authorization is immediate. Funds to merchant bank accounts on any verified transaction process within two business days. Subscribers also have the benefit of no hidden fees, or high setup charges. Subscription

Subscribers to receive free payment transaction software as part of their electronic gateway plan. Credit card payments process securely every time.

When the batch order and payment data is requested by a merchant, account holders can view all credit card authorizations conducted within the network. Merchant account record for all posted payment gateway POS transactions is available to at any time. is a leader in full-service merchant payment gateway services.

With, merchant subscribers have the option of expansion. payment gateways are designed for scalability. When a company grows, expand with a merchant’s supply chain operations network to accommodate POS terminals at new locations. transaction gateway applications are updated across the transaction network automatically. The service provider’s Web portal allows merchant subscribers to access accounts, obtain information, and move onto focus on their core businesses without the hassle of extra POS administration.

The eCommerce Solution

For eCommerce merchants, is payment gateway infrastructure is compatible with the shopping cart applications of most virtual hosts. When a shopping cart customer has selected items and is prepared to check-out, payment gateway transactions record SKU and other inventory as part of the financial record. is compatible with most Web hosting service shopping cart applications. With, integration of payment gateway features with online shopping cart interface is easy. Perfect for small, medium, and large sized eCommerce enterprise POS operations, is a robust payment gateway suitable for volume transaction.