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When working with a credit card processing company, one will want to know what is going on behind the scenes. Think about it, when accepting plastic, a person will want to know what he or she is getting and paying for. Otherwise, it’s not so easy to justify the expenses, and one will be lost. With this in mind, here is a short guide to all you need to know about authorization fees.


First and foremost, when getting an authorization fee, one will only get it once they contact the bank or call them for the transaction. Think about it, a person is not going to pay anything if they don’t have to run the card or talk to the bank. For this reason, one should not worry if they haven’t tried running the card. Simply put, when running the card or trying to, a person will pay an authorization fee, and this is just the beginning of the credit card processing transaction.


Usually, when dealing with merchant accounts, one will not pay a huge fee to have the card run. No, in reality, the fee is usually small, and a person will pay only about 25 cents to do the transaction. Since merchant accounts vary, one should check out on their own and figure out what works for their situation. So, remember, when looking to run the card, one will pay a small fee to do so, and this is hard to avoid. Remember, while this fee is small, it can add up, and it’s wise for a person to think of their long-term wants and needs. If not, it’s easy to overpay and watch as their costs add up.

One of many:

Think about it, when running a credit card with a merchant account, one will pay a lot of fees. While the only fee one sees every time is the authorization fee. But, as mentioned, this is only a small part of the process as a person will have to pay to rent the machine and pay a host of other costs. In the end, when looking at the authorization fees, a person should run the numbers and see what they are getting into.

When looking at authorization fees, one can see that they can up. However, when thinking about it, one should remember that there are other costs, and it’s easy to forget this fact if a person only looks at one cost.