Simpler Smarter Savings

Businesses all over the world are starting to take credit card payments, because they understand that customers don’t carry cash on them that often. Businesses that set up booths at events, sell their services on the go, towing companies, taxi companies, food trucks, and many others can benefit from taking credit card payments and increase their sales.

A new method that is popular is accepting credit card payments using an Android credit card swiper. The swiper is attached to the Android smartphone and connected to the merchant accounts that they process the credit cards through. As soon as the credit card is swiped, it will notify the business if it is going to be accepted or denied in a matter of seconds. The credit card processing company will allow the business to accept all major credit cards. Pre-paid cards and gifts cards are also accepted since they are branded by the major credit card companies.Depending on the merchant accounts that the company goes through, they will pay a fee to have the swiper. Some credit card processing companies may give the swiper to the business for free, but they will have to pay a fee for every transaction that is ran through the swiper. The fees are going to vary by the merchant account that is set up.

As soon as a credit card is swiped, the funds will be processed and placed into the business’s merchant account. They will be able to run reports on the transactions that were ran on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. This way they can see what profits they made and the fees that they had to pay for those transactions.

The Android credit card swiper is easy to set up. The employee using the swiper will just need to download the appropriate app onto their phone. From there, they will be able to swipe the customer’s credit card and enter the amount that needs to be charged. Some apps will allow the customer to sign for their credit card transaction right on the touch screen phone. A stylus pen can be used on the phone’s screen in order to make the signature easier.

Individuals that have businesses that do not currently take credit card payments should consider getting an Android credit card swiper through a processing company. This way their business can gain more potential customers and increase their sales.