Simpler Smarter Savings

If you are currently working the trade show scene, you likely know that there are opportunities for sales, but people these days are not carrying cash like they used to. What is the solution? Credit cards, of course. Can you accept credit cards at tradeshows? Yes, you can! There are two main ways that you can accept credit cards when on the go, including at tradeshows:

Wireless Terminals 

One of the options you have when you wish to accept credit cards at a tradeshow is to use a wireless terminal. This type of credit card processing can be done either through a Wi-Fi connection or through a cell phone connection and is very similar to using a terminal in a retail location. The buyer’s credit card is swiped through the terminal, and the information is sent through to the processor. From there, the information about the transaction is sent through to the issuing bank, and the bank will check to ensure the buyer has money in their account to cover the transaction. At that point, the information is sent back through the channels with either an approval or denial and the message is displayed on the terminal. If the transaction is approved, the buyer will take their purchase and the money will be deposited into your merchant account within hours or a couple days.

Mobile Credit Card Processing

Your other option is to consider mobile credit card processing. This is becoming extremely popular thanks to the fact that it can be done right from a smart phone through a downloadable app. The process will begin with either swiping the card through a small scanner that can be put into the phone or by typing the credit card information into the phone, directly. Once the information is in the app, the process is almost identical to the process listed above for the wireless terminal. In the end, the approval or denial will be displayed on your mobile phone screen, and the purchase amount will be deposited into the merchant account.

As you can see, accepting credit cards at a tradeshow is definitely an option. It is very safe, very quick and very convenient. Your customers will appreciate the ability to use their credit card and your company will be in a better position to make the big sales.