Simpler Smarter Savings

When running a landscaping business, a contractor should offer multiple ways for customers to pay. With this, he or she will not have to deal with delinquent customers who cannot make their monthly or one-time payments. With this in mind, some landscapers opt to accept credit cards with a merchant account. Here is a quick guide on how to receive mobile payments for a landscaping business.

Open an account:

With a merchant account, one can begin taking in money without hesitation. In fact, this is the first step one must take as it is nearly impossible to take plastic without hiring a third-party company who can help. Remember, when opening the account, one should look for a company offering mobile payment solutions through a computer and smartphone. Without a doubt, this will help the entrepreneur accept money easily and without any issue.


As mentioned, it is not easy to receive payments without a smartphone. With this electronic item, one can accept money while on the go. This is extremely useful as most landscapers are too busy and do not have the time required to set everything up. Of course, it is beneficial to have the latest and most technologically advanced smartphone as it will run all the new applications and programs with ease. Other times, a landscaper can run his or her credit card transactions through a tablet. This is perfect when a business owner wants to give customers the typical feel when swiping a credit card.


Now, this is the tricky part, but a landscaper must use the most up-to-date app to accept credit cards. Of course, most merchant accounts provide this to customers free of charge. However, it is useful to research this further and find the best long-term solution as an entrepreneur should opt to have the beset app for his or her needs. Remember, once a person goes with one software choice, they should stick to that decision as it is hard to change after the fact. At the same time, before spending any money or going with a company, the landscaper should test the software and ensure that it works, and he or she can use it without committing any errors.

A landscaper must offer his or her clients all the best paying options. For this reason, it is wise to accept plastic while on the go as customers will appreciate this convenience.