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Mobile Device Credit Card Processing

credit card processing by phoneAccept payments out in the field with the iPayment MobilePay Swipe and mobile application.


  • iPayment MobilePay is easy to set up and is designed with auto device detection so you can start processing credit cards right away.
  • Available to iOS and Android users, iPayment MobilePay is compatible with most mobile devices.
  • PCI DSS compliant.
  • Mobile app allows for inventory control.
  • iPayment MobilePay gives users the flexibility of accepting both EMV™ (Chip Cards) or traditional magnetic strip cards.
  • Supports cash and card transactions, sales tax capability, tips, refunds, voids, along with digital signatures and receipts.
  • Track your devices, users and run transaction reports.


mobile payment processorOne of the Fastest and Most Cost-Effective Ways to Process Credit Card Transactions


The light-weight MobilePay swiper & credit card payment processor for IPhone & Android easily plugs into your mobile devices’ audio jack and, when used with the MobilePay mobile app, becomes a quick, easy and cost effective way to grow your business.
Whether you are using an Apple or Android device for mobile payment processing, the iPayment MobilePay solution can work for you because we have gone through great lengths to provide the best support for the MobilePay Swiper and mobile app on a wide range of networks and devices.


An Easy-to-Use Mobile App Interface with Tons of Features


mobile payment processingmobile payment processingBuilt from the ground up, iPayment MobilePay features a completely new user interface. It gives you the ability to process cash and credit card sales, issue refunds, and even void transactions. This mobile credit card processing device is for Android & IOS.

mobile device credit card processingmobile device credit card processingWith any processed transaction, you can apply sales tax, accept tips and even capture a customer’s signature. Once activated in your app settings, iPayment MobilePay takes care of the rest and literally walks you through the whole transaction. Everything you would want in a mobile payment processing device can now be yours.