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Merchant Services for Salons / Salon POS Systems

Running a successful salon takes more than just a talent for cutting hair. While your hairdressing expertise may be what gets clients through the door, it’s your keen business sense that ensures that you can keep the lights on in a fiercely competitive business environment. A huge part of business savvy lies with knowing the right tools for the job. It’s in knowing which sets of straighteners will do the least damage to hair. It’s knowing which conditioners are kindest to hair that’s newly colored. And it’s also in choosing the right merchant services.

The right merchant services will make the business operations side of business easier with less time spent on tedious paperwork. They make use of automation to give overworked salon owners the gift of time. They leave you with the time and attention to spare on bringing fantastic services to your clients and boosting your reputation to keep them coming back time after time.

Here are some things your merchant services and Point of Sale systems should be doing for you. If they’re not checking these boxes, you could be doing so much better…

Make appointment booking easy

No-shows are just the worst! Your merchant services should make appointment booking and scheduling easier so that they aren’t allowed to disrupt your business. They should allow you and your clients to quickly and easily book multiple salon appointments and repeat appointments on a monthly, weekly or even daily basis. It should also help to set up auto-reminders via email or text so that your clients arrive on time.

A good salon POS should also coordinate with your website, automatically uploading online bookings to your schedule so that you’ll never have to worry about getting overbooked.

Make employee management hassle-free

Scheduling your employees is as important as scheduling your appointments. You want to ensure that the right employees are on hand for the right job. And if you can track your employees’ performance for appraisals, so much the better.

A good POS allows you to manage salon staffing requirements as well as tracking employee hours worked, commission and tips.

Keep track of your inventory

You don’t want to run out of your clients’ favorite products, not do you want to run out of the essential materials you need to do your job to the highest standards. A good POS will have easy-to-use reporting tools to allow you to view inventory and sales reports to ensure that you always have the right products on the shelf.

Help you to build a client database with pictures

How many times has a fairly regular client strolled in and asked for “the usual”? It can be a little embarrassing asking them exactly what their usual is. It makes them feel like you’ve forgotten them. But the truth is that so many people come though your doors that it’s hard to keep track. The right merchant services allow you to build a client database with images so that you can upload pictures of their last hairdo and replicate it with ease.

It should also allow you to track your clients’ history, so that you can get instant access to their chosen styles and products to ensure that you’ll never be out of stock when they ask for their favorite shampoo.

Spend less time processing payments

Clients love it when salons make it quick, easy and flexible for them to pay. And they can get frustrated if they have to wait around for an antiquated payment system. Our services are designed to make it quick and easy for you and your team to handle payments quickly and flexibly in whatever way is best for the client. We can even help you to create and process gift cards and coupons.

Help you to stay risk-free

Some transactions are riskier than others. Canny salon proprietors know that some larger transactions like wedding parties, prom parties, micro-ring extensions etc. have a higher dollar-value and as such carry a higher risk of chargeback. We understand the day-to-day needs of salon owners, and can help you reduce the risk of profit loss due to disputed transactions.

Keep your clients in the loop

Good outbound marketing can keep clients coming back and prevent them from defecting to your competitors. A good POS system should allow you to send email and SMS marketing templates to keep your client in the loop whenever you’re running special offers or promotions.

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