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Restaurant POS Systems

A Key Ingredient in the Recipe for Success

You love your restaurant business and take great pride in producing the world-class dishes that keep diners coming back for more. Here’s some food for thought, though: a lack of technology could be stopping you from tasting the sweet success of unlocking your full potential.

Here at Credit Card Processing, we believe that your restaurant Point of Sale systems should make life easier for employees, diners, and the business as a whole. With our world-class merchant services for restaurants, taking your business to the next level has never looked better.

Cooking Up A Storm With Modern POS Terminals

Running a modern restaurant is hard work, which is why any support you can get should be embraced with both arms. Credit Card Processing prides itself in providing the merchant services for restaurants that can transform your business forever.

You’ve already worked tirelessly to find the perfect employees to create and deliver the delicious foods that you want your restaurant to be associated with. However, without the right technology, they will be held back.

Our modern restaurant POS systems are the game changer that will empower your staff so that they can improve your bottom line. By using our restaurant POS terminals, your waiting team will be able to:

  • Turn tables round in a quicker, more efficient manner, allowing you to get more diners through the door.
  • Serve clients in an efficient, convenient fashion at tableside rather than facing queues at the till.
  • Upsell high-profit items to boost the profit margins and aid the restaurant’s bottom line.
  • Collect and collate valuable information before making data-driven decisions for the good of the business.

A Modern Solution For Modern Restaurants

Credit Card Processing doesn’t simply believe in providing your business with the opportunity to process payments in a convenient fashion. Our restaurant POS systems utilize an array of different features to transform the dining experiences and the business performances in one fell swoop.

Features provided by our merchant services for restaurants include but are not limited to:

Tableside Ordering

In addition to providing diners with a convenient and rapid way to order their foods, tableside ordering promotes a smoother link between dining areas and kitchens. It also ensures increased accuracy, particularly in relation to individual dietary requirements.

Payment Processing

The restaurant POS system can incorporate all of the latest payment types and offers safe, encrypted transactions. Payment processing is fast, smooth, and can include tips for the waiting staff. This can streamline the process and bring a modern flavor.

Inventory Management

Our merchant services for restaurants allow you to control all aspects of the inventory to gain a firmer grasp of your business. From tracking ingredient prices and profit margins to gaining automated notifications when stock levels are low, this is modern day restauranteering.

Staff Management

Employees are the heartbeat of any busy kitchen and dining space. All aspects of management, including scheduling, can be handled from our advanced restaurant POS systems while tracking labor costs and performance in the process.

Table Management

Whether it’s designing a table layout, moving people around the seating plan, or managing multiple sections of the dining area simultaneously doesn’t matter. The advanced table management capabilities are sure to help your restaurant reach its targets.

Menu Management

Creating glamorous menus with stunning photos could not be easier while updates can be made all from the touchscreen platform. Menu ordering, preparations, and reporting has never been easier, ensuring the best results for diners and business alike.

CRM Facilities

Customer relations are vital in the restaurant game as repeat diners are the key to sustained success. Data insights and personalization can take customer care to the next level while loyalty schemes and reward programs will be loved by diners too.

Why Credit Card Processing?

By choosing Credit Card Processing, you don’t merely gain the best and most versatile technology on the market. You’ll also receive support from a team of experts that understand the complexities of running a restaurant, as well a the demands of the modern diner.

With free equipment, a free account and gateway setup, no long-term commitment, and 24/7 support on offer, we are the ultimate operator to turn your restaurant-owning dreams into a reality. At just 0.35%, our fees are incredibly affordable too, ensuring that you see the full benefits of a boosted bottom line.

Learn More About Restaurant POS Systems Today!

Credit Card Processing’s latest merchant services for restaurants are an essential investment for your business an can bring immediate and lasting progress.

To discover the full possibilities today, give us a call