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ePayment Form

Our ePayment Form makes it possible for someone with minimal technical expertise to create “Buy Now” or “Donate” buttons for their website. The ePayment Form is the perfect solution for non-profit or political organizations that rely on donations as well as specialty merchants that sell single items (in quantity) per order. If you sell more than one item per order, please refer to our Transaction Gateway API for more flexible integration methods or use of one of our certified shopping carts.


helpHow to Use the ePayment Form


To create “Buy Now” or “Donate” buttons, you would simply enter the necessary information such as a description of the product and price into the ePay Form, which is accessible through our Merchant Console. The HTML code is then automatically generated, which you would copy and paste into your website. Once your customer clicks on your newly generated ePayment Form, they are taken to our secure hosted payment form where they will enter their payment information along with any other information you make a requirement for delivery. Further, the ePayment Form makes the following customization possible:

  • Product IDs and Description: Each product or item on your website can be assigned a unique product/item ID and description, which can be displayed on your website’s order page, payment form and order confirmation page.
  • Suggested Donation Amounts: You are able to set suggested amounts, such as donations for Non-Profit Organizations.
  • Maximum Amounts per Order: You are able to set a maximum amount for each item, per order, that your customers can purchase through your website.
  • Secure Button Seal: By displaying the Secure Button Seal, you will increase customer confidence, which in return can increase sales.


protectionCompliance and Payment Security / PCI DSS


Our payment gateway helps simplify your PCI DSS compliance by storing sensitive customer information on their secure servers using their hosted payment forms and payment tokenization. Further, with our high ranking security, your customers can be confident their information is secure.