Save More With Our Low Credit Card Processing Rates & Fees


The fact that most merchants want to immediately know the exact rates and fees they will incur is a reasonable position and request.  Nonetheless, our sales consultants are extremely well trained and they know that a “one size fits all” approach is absolutely not in the best interest of our merchants.  Every merchant has his or her own unique needs and every business model is different in some shape or form.  This is why our sales consultants have a straight forward and compassionate conversation with all of our merchants so that a complete understanding of the business’ needs is achieved.  Then, each particular business is placed into a merchant account with rates and fees that are not only the most competitive, but also ensure that the best interests of the merchant are fully met.

low credit card processing rates

While there are not a ton of different rates structures, without a full understanding of the business, setting up a merchant account is a risky proposition, and this is a situation we want to avoid.  We believe that success is reached through well thought out actions.  Please fill out the information form to the right and one of our highly knowledgeable sales consultants will contact you immediately.  You will not be subject to any obligations by doing this because we respect the fact that no one should be rushed or pushed into something they are not ready to do. We know that after talking to us, you will feel very confident that is one of the best merchant account providers in the United States, hands down, and that we have your best interests at heart.