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From stalls to retail stores, restaurants to contractors, more businesses accept credit cards because more consumers want to pay with them. Credit cards aren’t just one of the most convenient ways to pay, they allow both businesses and consumers to track spending, earn rewards and enjoy a host of security benefits. Businesses that don’t accept credit cards risk sending their customers to the competitors that do. That is why owning a credit card processor is a must as a business owner whether you need credit card processing products or credit card processing for gas stations.

Your Payment Processing Provider

CreditCardProcessing.com has been a leading payment processing provider since 1998 with easy credit card processing for all business sizes. We have already helped over 153,000 businesses with all their merchant services and credit card processing needs.

With a convenient, efficient payment gateway and a knowledgeable, compassionate sales team, we help guide business owners through every step of incorporating the ability to accept credit cards.

Our range of services

CreditCardProcessing.com offers a host of processing solutions that can help you grow your business and offer the modern convenient your customers expect, including the following:

  • Retail/restaurant POS system terminals like the safe, ergonomic and easy-to-use PAX 580
  • A range of versatile, scalable POS systems from Clover that can fit a wide range of business types
  • Mobile credit card processing, including iPhone and Android credit card processing for businesses on the go
  • Phone and mail order processing so you can offer more convenience to far-away customers
  • Digital loyalty programs that can help you increase retention rates and grow customer satisfaction
  • E-commerce solutions to help you quickly set up merchant accounts for online programs

As a payment processor that has worked with a range of businesses across a variety of industries, we’re glad to help you find the solutions that best meet the needs of you and your customers. Our restaurant credit card processing systems have made a name for themselves.

EMV Credit Card Processing

All the terminals and POS systems provided by CreditCardProcessing.com are fully EMV compliant. EMV is a “smart chip” system, long established in Europe and fast growing in the US that replaced the traditional magnetic strip systems.

Faster, safer, and more convenient than magnetic strips, EMV credit card processing decreases the likelihood of card fraud, since the chips cannot be cloned and used to create fake cards like magnetic strips are. Furthermore, EMV cards, and POS systems accepting them allow for contactless and mobile transactions, making the payment process much quicker and smoother.

Most importantly, retailers who do not offer EMV systems following October 2015, may assume applicable liability when accepting credit cards, including financial liability for purchases made with lost, stolen or fraudulent credit cards.

Why choose CreditCardProcessing.com?

At CreditCardProcessing.com, we are here to make the process of accepting credit cards much easier. We offer 24/7 toll-free technical and customer support, a simple online application, same-day approvals, and no contract term limits or cancellation fees. You can set up your payment gateway with us and make an account today at no cost to see what we can do for you.

Get a better deal out of credit card processing today

CreditCardProcessing.com offers extremely competitive rates. In fact, we will provide a free $50 AMEX gift card to anyone who can show that another company will provide a better overall rate structure than CreditCardProcessing.com is able to offer. Get a free quote today with no obligations and speak with one of our friendly, competent sales consultants. Also, feel free to check out our merchant account agent program if you are looking for more opportunities.