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The Best Merchant Services Are Much More Than Just Credit Card Processing

Merchant services are more commonly known as credit card processing companies, because this is one of the areas they handle. They are involved with electronic payments and transactions, getting and tracking sales information, and also collecting the funds from the bank and credit card and then getting that payment to the merchant. While you need a reliable company to accurately handle these transactions in a timely manner, there are many more factors that go into being the best merchant services.

The Best Services

There are many plans and specific processing services to choose from, so you should know what you want and need. Most companies offer the same services; so choosing the right provider comes down to several other factors. If you’re truly comparing apples to apples, then you should use the company that won’t hit you with monthly caps and offers you the most reasonable rates. Make sure you discuss and are very clear on the following:

  • Interchange fees
  • Monthly Statement fees
  • Application setup fees
  • Monthly gateway access fee
  • Early termination fee

Set up time is also a consideration, so you need to know how long it will take you and your business to be up and running and be able to accept and process payments. This involves setting up your account, but also the physical equipment that will need to be installed.

New technology is also extremely important as more and more people are using digital wallets. The ability to pay with your phone is a huge convenience, and is why Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Samsung Pay are so popular. Being able to process these payments gives your customers another reason for shopping with you.

The Best Equipment

Taking a payment in a storefront is easy. But that’s not the way the retail world works anymore. Merchants need to be able to take credit card payments remotely and wherever they are. And this means at their pop up shop, weekend stall at a farmer’s market or local fair, or food truck that’s driving all over town, making multiple stops.

This is also because people don’t like carrying cash anymore. If you’re out for a weekend hike, the last thing you want to carry is a wallet full of cash, or a coin purse. You want your ID and a credit card, that’s it. And since most people are always with their phones, the digital wallet is another great option for consumers. The bottom line is that your customers want choices in how they pay.

This means that certain equipment is needed. You just need to decide on the specific machines you want to use and the various optional features. Wireless terminals are available with or without printers. Many clients like to leave with a receipt in their hands, which can be convenient for them, but more expensive for you. An attached printer adds cost, especially if it uses ink cartridges, though a thermal printer eliminates the cost of ink. And if you plan on taking debit cards, you will need a machine with a pin pad.

The best merchant services will take the time to understand how your business specifically works and what kind of payment processing and POS terminals will be best for you. If you take many mail and phone orders, or you have a healthy online business you obviously won’t need to have a receipt printed at the same time the transaction is completed. Regardless, the machines are not overly expensive, but we understand how costs can add up, and we strive to help you save as much money as possible.

The Best People

Technical and customer support is another major consideration. You need to know the best people are available 24/7. This way if you have any problems, they can be remedied right away. If you have any technical issues with the equipment this could bring things to a halt, and any downtime means no sales.

You also need to have a dedicated account representative who can deal with issues pertaining to your account, including fees, statements and anything else that needs clarification. They need to be available for any questions you may have, as well. The best services, the best equipment the best people is what make the best merchant services.