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Being a Small Business Resource in Your Community

As your business becomes established and your reputation grows, you may want to consider becoming a small business resource in your community. An important reason for taking this initiative is to position yourself as a credible expert in your industry. Another reason is to give back to others as a way of demonstrating gratitude and practicing good will. Here are some ways to become a local small business resource.

Write a blog.

Posting blog comments about topics that are relevant to small businesses will give you an opportunity to share what you have learned with other entrepreneurs who are just getting started. Your blog can be published at your business website or connected to a professional networking account like Linked In membership. Write about topics of interest and potential complexity, such as credit card processing and merchant accounts, along with other payment options.

Host a workshop.

Use your office space, if available, or book a library community room or local community area. Publicize it as a free event for other small business owners, and serve light refreshments like soft drinks and cookies if possible. Discuss a topic within your expertise range, or invite a local expert to speak to the group for a small fee. For example, how to set up a merchant account will likely interest many attendees.

Join civic organizations.

Become a member of community groups with business interests like the Chamber of Commerce, the Rotary, or a Lions Club, and network with other members to offer advice or serve as a mentor to new business owners. You may be able to write opinion pieces or how-to columns for these organizations’ newsletters or the local newspaper. Consider giving an interview on a local talk radio station about key topics like credit card processing that detects fraud or theft, and related issues.

Not only will you enjoy sharing all you have learned with others to help them become successful in their companies, but you will also receive recognition as a community business leader who is both savvy and generous in helping others. In helping others, you will be helping to bring more awareness to your business as well, and reassure your customers to keep doing business with your company.

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